When Robbie was first born, his immediate future was not very bright due to his Gross Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). Robbie was deemed inoperable and his cranial fluid build-up resulted in his head growing a staggering 2 cm per day. He needed special nursing care and the experts gave him a very short life span ... continue


Where does one start after caring for an intellectually handicapped daughter for 27 years?

Before Sarah came along we functioned like most normal families with two very young active toddlers, Daniel aged 4 and Vanessa aged 2 and after Sarah came along we endured one constant battle after another ... continue


Dean is now in his mid 30's. I tend to refer to him as an adolescent toddler, because to this day he still has such a mixture of these traits.

Dean also has a wonderful heart, he is a good person. But that does not help him to achieve the things he wants from life. ... continue


David was born in 1983, and at the age of 3 months was diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. The prognosis at that time was very poor. Doctors said he would be lucky to live until he was 5 or 6. 21 years later the battle began for supported accommodation for him. ... continue


Our family has five members – Mike, Carmel, Natalie, Anthony and Matthew. This is Natalie’s story.

The birth of a child, particularly the first born, is one of the happiest events of all. However, this joy and happiness was soon shattered when Natalie turned blue shortly after birth. Tests revealed that she had continue

Joe and Justin

My name is Margaret. My husband and I are carers for Joe, 30 years of age and Justin who is 26. They are the only ones of our five sons to be still living at home with us. Both Joe and Justin were born with a rare genetic condition which causes them to be severely intellectually disabled. ... continue

Christopher P

Chris is 28 years of age. He was born with Cerebral Palsy, hydrocephalus, a buckled rib cage and a left side tortacollis. He also has an intellectual disability. At the time he was born I also had another son Tim who was two. ... continue


Daniel is thirty-two years old. He is an integral and much loved part of our family. The eldest of four boys, Daniel presented as a “normal” baby boy and we rejoiced in his birth. However, by age one, we were concerned that he was not progressing like other toddlers his age. ... continue

Christopher E

My name is Catherine. My husband and I are caring for our 32 year old son, Christopher, who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Moderate Intellectual Disability.

Christopher displays very uninhibited behaviour ... continue


Rachel is 39. She is our much-loved daughter whom we adopted along with her twin brother when she was nine weeks of age. Later, we adopted a third disabled child, making our family complete with five children. ... continue



My name is Maria. I have a daughter, Grace, who has an intellectual disability. Grace was born with no disability at all but when she was 17 months old she had a Febrile Convulsion and then had a lot more, which caused a lesion on her brain. At that time ... continue



Bruce was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome at a very early age. As a young child, Bruce lived a relatively normal life up till the time of school. A decision then had to be made as where he would go for schooling. Crowle home was the choice and he stayed there until he was 18 years old. ... continue


Jessica was born 28 years ago. Because Down Syndrome is identified at birth, I knew our future was going to be bleak. All the same, Jessica was much loved from that moment and I knew, no matter what, she was always going to be part of my family. ... continue



My name is Susan and my sister Julie, who is 37 years old, lives with my mother Lois, who is 64 years old. My father died 13 years ago and during that time my mother has provided and cared for Julie on her own. There is no confirmed diagnosis for Julie but she is intellectually disabled with a mental age of about 7. ... continue